Why should you do an STD test?

Why should you do an STD test?

Why should you do an STD test?

STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are infections or bacteria that a man or a woman may acquire because of sexual contact. The diseases will be transmitted to you and may also be transmitted to another person. I know that you will never like to suffer from various STDs, such as HIV, Syphilis, Herpes and Gonorrhea, indeed it is hard for an individual to accept having such diseases because of isolation. But, sometimes, things may happen unexpectedly and you were too weak to control yourself.

Actually, all human beings may acquire these diseases, if you will not be mindful of your decisions in life. For example, you have a boyfriend and he asked you to mate. You were then scared to lose your guy, so you gave him your body and had sexual intercourse with him. Both of you do not know anything about the risk of acquiring STDs and unfortunately, this guy is carrying a disease. Your boyfriend is not actually aware that he is infected with a certain disease and now, you got it, too.

Before, you were too scared to lose him and now, you are too scared to see a doctor for STD testing. You should have thought about it before doing that lustful act, right? But, it is too late to put the blame on anybody. So, if you are not ready to ask for a professional advice, then test for STDs at home. Go and buy prepared kits and start testing as soon as possible.

Testing and Screening

When you are very much concerned about STDs and you are looking for infections transmitted into your body, then it means that you are just screening yourself. Remember that there are STDs that shows no signs and symptoms. So, it is also possible that you are infected without you knowing it. In my opinion, every individual with or without STDs must do the tests not only to make sure that he is clean. There are companies, who requires employees to take the STDs as well as drug tests, depending on the type of job.

You are testing for STDs because the symptoms or signs are already visible. Of course, you are very worried about it, so you need to see a doctor to conduct a test. The doctor or nurse will take your urine, blood, swab or discharge sample and then, will be sent to the laboratory testing. You need to wait for the results of the tests. It may take hours, depending on the laboratory’s workload.

If you are doing the test at home, then you would surely be very nervous and worried about the result, which is just a normal feeling. But, you have to be brave. If you will not start performing the test, then how will you know the result, right? Just make sure that your home STD test kits are coming from a reliable source for a more accurate result and it must be approved by the FDA.

Reasons for testing

If you are active in sexual activities, then do the test, especially if you do not practice safe sex, where you do the sexual intercourse without using any protection like condoms. At first, you won’t see or feel any symptoms that you are infected or you’ve got bacteria in or on your private part. Actually, it will take two weeks before an STD test can detect diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea. If you have syphilis, then the symptoms will be seen within the 1st week until the 3rd month. And then, signs of HIV and Hepatitis B/C will be visible from 6 weeks – 3 months.

Some individuals engaged in a risky relationship, such as when they know that their partner is infected with STDs or had a history of these diseases, but still continues to have sexual activities. You are at risk in that case, so it is a must for you to go under screening and test for STDs.

You really need to do the test at home or with a doctor, especially, if the signs https://www.medicinenet.com/sexually_transmitted_diseases_stds_in_women/article.htm#sexually_transmitted_disease_std_definition_and_facts are already obvious. You are now in this condition, so do not waste time or ignore it. Medical treatment is necessary and must be applied at the soonest time.


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