May 30, 2023


There are tons of bodybuilding and fitness articles that are geared towards the male side of achieving all these fitness goals that usually says that you have to bulk up to gain more muscle mass, but there are a lot of women particularly have no intentions to get swollen themselves with muscle which really do not makes it a requirement to become fit at all, for women, becoming fit and strong has a whole different meaning.

A lot of women do not desire to add more muscles, but instead, they want to tone their body and become sexier. Adding more muscles while burning fat is one effective way to tone a woman’s body and achieve that sexy physique ready for the summer, but this kind of goal is a very daunting task to take especially when you burn fat, you also get the chances to burn your muscles.

For women, they have to eat enough food in order for their muscle to maintain their desired mass and growth while creating smart nutritional choices helps the body to tap into fat deposits over muscle tissue. Dieting on its own is not enough when you want to achieve that sexy toned body, in order to burn fat without losing an inch of your muscle, you are required to add cardio exercises and resistance training.

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And to help you more on this matter, here are the most effective tricks to help you achieve that sexy toned body while gaining muscles and lose fat effectively from the old school new body review.

  • REV UP YOUR PROTEIN INTAKE- Protein has been proven to build leaner muscles and at the same time increase your metabolic level to the point that you easily burn fat in a single day of workout. Do not be afraid of the stigma that protein will make you fat, instead, you should increase your protein intake to two grams per pound of your body weight. Although it sounds insane this is the most effective way to increase muscle mass to achieve that sexy bums and leaner thighs in a short span of time. The best protein supplement you can get is, of course, whey protein, to make it more effective look for a whey protein powder that has amino acids in it and make sure you add a lot of protein in your diet.
  • WORKOUT TO GAIN MUSCLES, NOT LOSING FAT- A lot of bodybuilders and fitness buffs are misinformed about losing weight. They are encouraged to add more cardio and fewer muscle workouts, but that is totally wrong. In order to burn fat, you should intensify your muscle workout so that you can maximize the use of your stored calories and turn it into energy. This is the best way to prevent fat from storing in your body because fat is simply the calories that you have not to metabolize. You need to metabolize your fat by doing intense workouts coupled with resistance training and cardio to make it more effective.
  • AVOID CARBOHYDRATES- Although carbohydrates are essential to keep us pumped up and energized, you should cut a portion of it in your diet because this is the reason why you are getting fatter instead of getting leaner. Adding carbohydrates adds more unnecessary mass to your muscles that it also promotes to store more fat in your body. Try cutting carbohydrates in your diet and add more protein to build leaner muscles and lesser fat.

If you visit a bodybuilding website and ask the most experienced bodybuilders of their recommendation for weight loss, there will be a couple of steroids that they will suggest, but Anavar will most likely get more votes than the others. Anavar is the brand name for Oxandrolone which is used to get lean muscle mass, increase fat loss and overall athletic performance, which is best for cutting cycles.

In the early 60’s this drug was developed by Searle, purely for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and osteoporosis. What made it interesting to researchers is its low androgenic rate of 24 while its anabolic rating is at 320 to 630. This is also why most bodybuilders and athletes consider Anavar as the best steroid for losing those extra pounds.

Anavar and Weight Loss.

            Anavar is very popular to users who want to lose weight while earning ripped toned abs at the same time. However, because of the focus that they give on these benefits, diet is usually taken for granted. For men who take Anavar, it is advised to have a diet with enough calories, protein as well as complex carbohydrates to maintain optimum health. Carbohydrates and calories will also help you maintain your energy levels. The proteins will be needed by your body for building new muscles.

Prepare Your Diet Plan Goals.

            Before thinking about those muscles that you can get and the pounds that you can lose, think about your goals first and plan for a way to reach them. It is best to list all the goals that you have for this cycle. You might also need all the support that you can get from family and friends to keep you motivated and be heading straight to your success.

            Some people use Anavar for bulk, some will use it for losing the excess fat around their middle while gaining muscle mass. You are sure to work just as hard to attain these goals so it is best if you can keep the results for a longer period of time. Once your goals are set, you can proceed to formulate the best diet plan for training with Anavar.

Schedule Your Meals.

             It is important to time your meals to keep your insulin levels at a normal rate while you burn fat and increase muscle at the same time. Putting your body on a schedule will make sure that it does not convert protein to energy. Protein should help your body burn fat, not to increase your energy levels. Instead of having three large meals, how about planning five or six smaller meals throughout the day at the same scheduled time each day.

 Why Choose Anavar?

            Anavar is your answer if you want to kick-start your body’s natural way in building muscle while burning fat. It is popular to both men and women for its milder state compared to other steroids. This means that while you enjoy bulking up, you also lose weight without those unwanted side effects. This is it is the steroid of choice for most women.