May 31, 2023

structural organization

The human body

Human body is one of the most difficult as well as beautiful process in this earth. Each and every part of the human body is very much exclusive because of their function and also for the cause of those function. These functions are very much connected to each other and also does a great work each and every day because of which we are alive and also we are able to work each and every day. A single problem in any one of the functions rather any one of the organs will lead to massive problem felt throughout the body. In some case as it happens some problems also give rise to different problems as well. These problems can be treated as well as healed by the doctors. Although in some cases the problems are very much untreatable and it may cause severe suffering to the body. The overall structural as well as the physical organization of the body is very much different and also very advanced from all other life forms in this world. Human body also has a defense system present in their body which instills protection to the body and that system is very much efficient saving the body every now and then.

Central Nervous system


CNS or the Central Nervous system is the central most as well as the most important coordination system in the human body. The coordination is about the different type of the works as well as the different types of reaction that is taking place in the outer as well as the inner part of the body. This coordination is taken care upon by the hormones secreted from the endocrine gland and also from the brain which is the master organ behind every possible movement of the body and also which is the main part of the central nervous system. Talking about the central nervous system we missed an important segment which cannot be forgotten as it play a huge role in the body. That important segment is the Spinal cord which is also a part of the central nervous system of the human body. It is present in both the male and the female body in the same structural organization. The spinal is helpful for the body in keeping the body balance during any king of movement and locomotion. It also helps in transmitting the signal with the help of the nerve fibers present in them. They are present in the posterior part of the body. And it is very much obvious as it has a specific name which is very much characteristic that is the ‘backbone’ because of its immense function in the body.


Spine or the spinal cord are arranges in the form the disks that are placed one above each other like stack, simple looking like a stack of coin. They are made up of the bones hence are very small.

Problems with spine

The spine is very much affected also. Slip disk is one of the most common problem seen. It happens either due to the accident in the backward portion of the body and sometimes also due to some other reasons as well.

Required necessities

Many doctors prefer to operate the problem with a vision to cure it permanently. Best hospitals for spine surgery in India has all the required necessities that are required for the surgery.