May 30, 2023

eye care

Nearsightedness is a kind of eye astigmatism, often known as myopia, is a vision-related problem in which objects close to you are clearly seen but objects further away are not as clear. Pictures focus in front of your retina rather than on your retina when light rays bend (refract) incorrectly owing to the anatomy of your eye.

Nearsightedness can develop gradually or sometimes, and commonly worsens between childhood and puberty. Nearsightedness can also be a hereditary condition.

What causes Myopia?

When the natural development of the eyeball is disrupted or varies, myopia develops. Because the myopic eye is stretched more than it should be, light from far away objects is concentrated in front of the retina instead of directly on it, resulting in blurry distance vision.

Symptoms that Characterize Myopia

-When staring at faraway objects, your eyesight becomes blurry.

-In the need to see clearly, you may have to squint or close your eyes somewhat.

-Eye strain leads to headaches.

-Driving a car can be difficult, especially at night, due to difficulty seeing (night myopia)

Cure for Myopia

There is currently no remedy for nearsightedness. There are, however, established ways that an eye doctor may prescribe to help children’s myopia grow slower.

Lenses to correct Myopia

One of the pillars of basic eye care is spectacle correction, and myopia control spectacle lenses can both correct and control myopia. Progressive addition spectacle lenses may give a minor myopia management advantage only in the context of a binocular vision problem, according to research. Ophthalmology meeting, aspheric lenslets in spectacle lenses, commonly known as Essilor Stellest lenses, were found to dramatically reduce myopia development and axial elongation in children.

The market for myopia control spectacle lenses has been growing at a faster rate in recent years, with significant growth rates, and it is likely to rise significantly in the forecast period in the next 8 years.

Due to this increase, you’ll find a variety of lenses and a multitude of frame choices for your comfort in the market, though it is always necessary to get a prescription from the doctor.