May 31, 2023


Many people are getting addicted to alcohol not only adults minors are also affected which leads to an unhealthy nation. It becomes a trend to consume alcohol in parties and club for the business class people and students. Many awareness programs are conducted by many social welfare organizations but it of lesser use to this kind of people. Consumption is a very easy process but treatment is very difficult if not taken properly. Gallox detox centre provides treatment to the addicted people by eliminating the toxins that is accumulated by the consumption of alcohol. It is an independent centre fully customized thereby it can provide very good recovery of the patient. It also offers the patient communication with their work, family, and friends. It is a safe, mind relaxing, home like setting which encourages the patient in a beneficial way. It treats the patient both as residential and outpatient according to their intensity of addiction and consumption.

Alcohol Consumption

Medication And Withdrawal Symptoms Of Alcohol

There are two types of medication available for the people followed according to the nature and condition of the individual. One is the oral medication which is given by taking oral pills. Usually it is a slow method which involves medication absorbed in the stomach affecting all over the body. Second way of treating the people is by intravenous injection injecting into the patient. The Alcohol Detox treats residential patients by taking rest and safe recovery by admitting them in the rooms available in the detox centre. Out patients can self-report to the physicians by following their daily routine. Holistic treatment includes treatment of the patient by nonmedical way such as acupuncture, herbs, vitamin therapy, special dietary supplements, massage, and yoga.

It depends on the intensity of addiction and patient history. Withdrawal symptoms includes excessive sweating, headaches, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate, night mares, tremors, seizures, irritability, anxiety, depression, and followed by hallucinations. Alcohol cravings, physical and psychological illness are reported in many of the patients who have gone treatment. After the recovery also the patients are recommended to take medicines to avoid future to consumption of alcohol. It includes post-acute withdrawal medicine for 30 to 90 days with Neurontin. It is a low dose anti-depressant drug to relieve from mental illness. Vasari is a non-addictinganti-anxiety drug given after recovery for a complete cure. We must aware of the complications and health hazards that are caused by the alcohol which is toxin to the body as well as to our life.