May 26, 2024

Report on the ROLSONE Laser Sphere

ROLSONE equipment

The modern world has not gone crazy, as the old-school generation claims. It’s just that humanity is stepping forward with confidence: people are developing, they are ready and willing to live a full life where one is healthy, smart, and beautiful. It is not in vain they say: “beauty will save the world” and there is nothing wrong with people striving to become a little more perfect. Our clinic strives to create the conditions for our clients to leave our institution with a smile on their faces and a taut body. And we, the specialists, are honored to make this world a happy and beautiful place.

In the constant race for the best, the management decided on ROLSONE Laser Sphere and hit the target. Our clinic bought ROLSONE equipment. Because machine cosmetology is the most effective, fast, and safe way to combat cellulite. Now in the internal processes of our clinic management put a fat line before and after. The founder controls the work on the equipment remotely, thus there is no possibility of bad work. This is a huge plus for management and business owners. ¬†And for specialists “not to get burnt out on work” from overwork.

Stages of work with ROLSONE equipment

First, we connect the machine to the network, press the “on/off” button. The welcome screen saver appears: the interface is above all praise, it corresponds to the premium level. The equipment connects to the clinic’s WIFI and automatically synchronizes with the time zone and checks for software updates.
But the coolest solution is Dr. Rolsone’s voice assistant. It does everything you ask, but except coffee, of course.

While collecting the patient’s anamnesis and diagnosing aesthetic defects, we figure out what problem we are going to work with and move on to the numerous, but very intuitive, settings in the menu. The menu is as convenient and logical as possible. Several options are provided, including aromatherapy, which can be started by clicking on “ionization”.

PROTOCOLS and their variety

Ready-made protocols allow you to either work independently, but with prompts, or use the recommended programs. This makes the work of specialists very easy because, with all the freedom of action, the machine limits you to a safe, tested and effective framework. By frame, we mean the settings for intensity, duration of work, etc.

In the ROLSONE device, the combination of mechanotherapy and laser radiation provides excellent results. I can give you a real example and a patient’s response. I had a customer who decided to have a test done for herself. We did one half of the body with the laser (2 sessions) and the other half without the laser. The skin in the first case became firmer, and the stretch marks were less noticeable already after two sessions.
All the parameter settings are saved under my ID. Visiting another clinic, in another country of the world, but with ROLSONE equipment you can identify the patient in the system by his ID and “pull up” his whole “card” with the parameters.

Every element of the software, the voice assistant, the external design, aromatherapy, and other “features” of the equipment emphasize its premium, reliability, and quality. You can see for yourself how effective it is if you visit at least two sessions on the ROLSONE device.