May 26, 2024


Pregnancy is no new phenomenon. Women produce a child, and it is quite natural that they have also been finding out ways to confirm their pregnancy for the same length of time. The options of over the counter test or visiting the doctor were not available back then. The ancestors of the modern women relied on what we call DIY pregnancy tests. These traditional methods of confirming pregnancy are used even today.

Some of the DIY methods of confirming pregnancy are:

  1. Bleach pregnancy test
  2. Sugar pregnancy test
  3. Toothpaste pregnancy test
  4. Dandelion pregnancy test
  5. Pine-sol pregnancy test
  • Bleach pregnancy test:

Bleach is a common household product and is easily found in every home, under the kitchen sink or resting on the laundry shelf. This inexpensive product can easily be used to detect pregnancy at home. It is the easiest and common method that can help to determine the status if you are pregnant or not.

Simply add the urine sample to a portion of bleach in a container. Watch the mixture for achemical reaction. If the mixture produces fizz as soon as bleaching powder is added, means that you’re pregnant. However, if there is no reaction in the foam, then you’re not pregnant.

The problem with this test is that the ratio of bleach and urine is not specified. And the time limit within which the reaction should take place is not exactly known. Moreover, bleaching powder is a dangerous substance and should be handled with care.

  • Sugar pregnancy test

It is the most easily available test for every woman. Sugar is another cheap and common household item that can be used to confirm pregnancy at home. Directly urinate on sugar or put few spoons full of sugar into a container and add the urine sample to it. As soon as the urine and sugar come into contact, clumps will be formed if you’re pregnant. If the sugar gets dissolved into urine forming a solution means you’re not pregnant. The tests give best results if the urine sample is the first urine of the day. The urine is concentrated and gives accurate results.

  • Toothpaste pregnancy test

You need clear white toothpaste for the purpose. There are two possibilities when aurine sample is added to the toothpaste. One is that the toothpaste turns blue and the other is that foam is formed. Both these reactions indicate pregnancy. However, if the urine sample is kept for too long in contact with toothpaste, then the mixture will become frothy overtime.

  • Dandelion pregnancy test

Place the dandelion leaves in a plastic container and add adequate urine to soak the leaves. Leave the mixture undisturbed for 10 minutes. If after ten minutes the leaves have reddish blisters, means you’re pregnant.

  • Pine-sol pregnancy test

Pine sol is another DIY method to confirm pregnancy. Add urine to pine sol leaves or pine sol solution available in the market. As soon as the leaves get in contact with the urine color is changed. The change in colour is a clear indication of pregnancy.