June 13, 2024

Leaky gut syndrome and what causes it

Leaky gut syndrome and what causes it

Leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability is a common health condition that causes many autoimmune illnesses such as chrons disease, asthma, chemical sensitivities, IBS, multiple sclerosis and lupus. This is an illness depicting the modern times. An inflamed gut will become porous and it will let large food proteins, metals, bacteria, fungi and toxic substances into the blood stream. In scientific language, increase in the permeability of intestinal mucosa to antigens, toxins and luminal macromolecules associated with atrophic mucosal damage or inflammatory degenerative. The lining of the intestine replaces itself for every 24 hours. Every cell that composes the lining is digested and new one grows for replacing the digested cells. The most common source of leaky gut syndrome is Candida. It is a yeast fungal micro organism that grows roots similar to a plant. These roots grow through the intestinal tract to search for food and break the intestinal lining and results in leaky gut.

Leaky gut syndrome casues

Factors causing leaky gut

Many people have been following leaky gut syndrome diet protocol to heal the intestinal lining or leaky gut. Let us see some of the factors that worsen the condition. Caffeine and alcohol irritates the wall of the gut. Even cokes, coffee, cocoa and chocolate can worsen the condition. Contaminated foods and bacteria like E coli can develop because of poor food handling. Food diet containing high refined sugars and carbohydrates can also worse the leaky gut. Some other factors that worsen the leaky gut syndrome are chemicals in fermented and processed foods, foods polluted by parasites, intake of animal products and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. People can have control in their diet or make changes in the diet to avoid worsening the health condition.

Healthy foods to be included in the diet

Let us see some of the healthy foods to be included in the leaky gut syndrome diet. Bone broth is a healing food that contains soothing gelatin. It is easy to digest and it contains easily absorbable minerals. Pasture raised meats are rich in nutrients and it can be effective in healing the gut. People can eat healthy meats of pasture raised animals to heal the leaky gut. Healthy fats are essential to the health. Oxidized cholesterol, processed fats and refine polyunsaturated fats are something people have to avoid. They can take natural fats obtained from pasture or organically raised animals, avocados oil, pure olive oil and non hydrogenated coconut oil.