June 13, 2024

Check out the eight body types with the help of acupuncture theory

8 constitutional medicine

Duties and responsibilities are something that can be hard sometimes or easy. At the end of the day, everyone wants a relaxing, stress-free soul and acupuncture is the perfect option to serve the purpose.

What is acupuncture

It’s a medical service. Acupuncture is a treatment where needles are inserted into specific parts of the body through the skin of a human being to several depths. It’s a painless treatment. It helps to stimulate the body and brain so you will stay energetic for a long time after the treatment. It also helps to mitigate the pain and heal faster. It eliminates toxic elements from the body and is used to treat several health issues.

What is your body type

Before starting the acupuncture treatment it is wise and recommended to check your body type. With the help of eight constitutional medicine,the body type can be decided as well as the health category of the human organ. It also helps to decide the physiology of the specific human beings. Here is the list according to the acupuncture physiology.

8 constitutional medicine

  1. Pulmotonia –this category of people has strong lung, weak liver. They are very highly creative, self-centered, explorer of new things, inventive, and must be a vegetarian.
  2. Colonotonia – the people have very large high-strung intestine, weak gallbladder. Intuitive, visionary and always stay hopeful for the wish to have power, a leader. They must eat fish but must not eat meat.
  3. Hepatonia – this category of people has a strong liver, weak lung. They are generous, bountiful, assertive, risk-taking in nature. They are born to be an entrepreneur. They must eat meat.
  4. Cholecystonia – these people born with an excitable gallbladder and a weak intestine. They are emotional, sensitive, sociable and like to go outside. They are prone to alcohol. They must eat a lot of beef.
  5. Pancreotonia – they are born with the hyperactive pancreas, weak kidney. These people tend to be selfless, highly impulsive, philanthropic, prefer to eat gourmet foods. They must eat pork and shellfish.
  6. Gastrotonia – these people are born with a weak bladder and a strong stomach. They are physically very strong and enduring. These people tend to be enigmatic and obscure. These people have the ability to digest all kind of foods.
  7. Renotonia – they have a very strong kidney and weak pancreas. They tend to be highly athletic, organized, and meticulous. They are born to be a bureaucrat. These people must avoid cold foods.
  8. Vesicotonia – these people have a very weak stomach and a strong bladder. They are meticulous, slow, reserved, calm in nature. They tend to prone to chronic depressions. They must eat a low quantity of foods.

So, here is the list of eight constitutional medicine. It’s important to find out the type and maintain the food restrictions.