May 26, 2024

All you need to know about DecaDurabolin

If you wish to have a strongly built body, then it is important that you take care of it. You can exercise hard to give it a proper shape. You can also opt for steroidal drugs if you need faster results. However, the problem with the steroidal drug is that it comes with numerous side effects. Therefore the need of the hour is to choose those steroidal drugs that come with minimal side effects or those side effects that will not take a toll on your body. One such steroid that produces maximum muscle gain with a minimal side effect is DecaDurabolin.

A brief introduction to DecaDurabolin

DecaDurabolin is a derivative of Nandrolone called NandroloneDecanoate. There are two general benefits of the drug. Firstly, it allows you to generate a considerable amount of muscles required for bodybuilding purposes. Secondly, the drug can be obtained without a physician’s prescription.  To know more about the drug, you can visit websites like Some of the important points to note about DecaDurabolin are provided below:

Advantages of taking DecaDurabolin

DecaDurabolin functions in the body by stimulating the nitrogen metabolism and promoting protein synthesis. This allows the person to become stronger, enhance performance, better ability in working out as well as increased muscle mass of the body. The mode of action of the drug is slow and the first effect is visible after fourteen days of dosage. However, the drug has a long half-life and stays in our system up to eighteen months.

DecaDurabolin is a strong binder of the androgen receptor. It has more than 50 percent higher affinity for these receptors than testosterone. Moreover, because of the 19-Carbon backbone, the estrogenic properties of the drug are diminished to almost 80 percent of that of testosterone. Finally, the drug has lesser ability to bind to SBHG than testosterone. Due to these properties, the muscle gaining effect produced by the drug is pronounced.

Side effects of DecaDurabolin

It is an established fact that the androgenic properties of DecaDurabolin are not so strong. This leads to an altered androgenic/estrogenic ratio in the body. Moreover, testosterone amount in the body reduces after administration of the drug. Lowering of the levels of testosterone in the body results in the generation of large breasts in men. Aggressive behavior of the drug against progesterone receptors in the body also contributes to this development. Additionally, the drug also functions at the level of the hypothalamus. This might contribute to the estrogenic results that people generally experience when taking DecaDurabolin.

The drug can also lead to a change in the sexual desire of a person because of the reduced androgenic activity. One of the common symptoms associated with a change in sexual desire is ‘Deca dick’. In order to overcome such negative attributes, it is generally recommended to stack the drug with some other supplements that can reverse these effects.

These are some of the scientific details on the drug DecaDurabolin. You can find more of such information at If you wish to take the drug, consult your physician before starting the process of drug administration.