May 26, 2024

Get buff and lose fat with only one steroid

Get buff and lose fat with only one steroid

The road to becoming totally physically fit is long and hard. People undergo intense and grueling training to achieve the body they want. There are also those that rely on their body’s physical abilities as a way of living. These are the athletes and bodybuilders who keep their bodies in tip-top shape for maximum performance. But even they seem to have a hard time in maintaining the condition their bodies are in.

During off-season, these athletes and bodybuilders often undergo bulking phases. These phases are where the individuals gain mass. Of course, along with mass comes excess fat. This accumulated fat will then be used as fuel for working out during the cutting phase. This phase is where these athletes and bodybuilders turn the mass they have gained into pure muscle. There are however, some remaining body fat that can be hard to get rid of. Sometimes, these athletes and bodybuilders turn to steroids because of their ergogenic or performance enhancing effects. Oxandrolone, or better known as Anavar, is a very popular steroid. It is not only used for its ergogenic effects but it can be quite helpful when used in a cutting phase.

20mg – 30mg of Oxandrin a day

Mild enough for everybody

Technically, Oxandrolone isn’t a bulking steroid. While it can assist in a bulking phase, using it as a standalone won’t get you all the gains. Though it is probably 3 times as strong as testosterone, it is a fairly mild steroid. It is because of this that oxandrolone can be used by both men and women. Just don’t expect that you’ll be getting the same gains as more potent steroids such as Dianabol.

Weight loss and lean muscles

The steroid is typically used by people who want to lose excess weight. It’s actually one of the few steroids that help in losing excess fat. It is because of this that it is popular among women. You practically get the best of both worlds since you are gaining lean muscle and losing excess fat at the same time. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Finding the right cycle for you

Dosages range from 20mg up to 40mg daily. It actually depends on what your desired goals are. Finding the right steroid cycle is important in achieving the goals you are after. There are some that take the steroid for 6-8 weeks and not more than that. Some take it in a shorter timeframe. It all comes down to what you actually need. Women usually have much shorter cycles and lower dosages. This is to avoid getting androgenic side effects.

 It is still after all, a steroid

Although this particular substance is fairly mild, it is still a steroid and will have side effects. Also, its nature being an oral steroid, sets it up for possible liver toxicity especially when taken in large doses.

Oxandrolone or Anavar is definitely a well-rounded steroid. While technically not suited for bulking, one can still get ripped. Getting lean muscle while getting rid of excess fat is what this drug is all about. As for dosage, it can be safe to say that 20mg – 30mg of Oxandrin a day can be enough to generate very satisfactory results.