June 13, 2024

Facts about an abnormal pap smear during pregnancy

If you are a lady of child bearing age, then the obvious fact is that you might have been part of pap smears. Are abnormal pap smears common during pregnancy and to answer this question we need more information. In most cases the results of the tests are normal, but in certain cases the results of the tests may not be normal. In that case you might require another round of testing. During pregnancy abnormal pap pregnant could be of some concern, or the chances are that it could point to no issues at all. At the same time an abnormal pap smear would be something that is not unheard off, but most of the treatments could be something that is provided to the would be mothers.

During pregnancy abnormal Pap smear

The logic is that it would be completely safe to have an abnormal Pap smear test during pregnancy. In respective of the pregnancy status of a patient, the doctor is going to perform them. When you have a test during the tenure of pregnancy it could be accompanied by some extra amount of bleeding. The cervix is smeared with blood at this point of time, and as part of a standard pap test a certain degree of bleeding works out to be common.

The moment a woman is told she needs to be part of an abnormal Pap smear test; for sure it is going to put their life on edge. But at the same time always it is not going to be a cause of concern. The test does not point to the occurrence of cancer cell always, but it could point to the chance of infection as well.  The results of the abnormal Pap smear test might suggest to the doctor that some extra round of testing may be needed.

During pregnancy and post pregnancy treatment

The moment you are told that you are suffering from abnormal Pap smear test during pregnancy, the doctor is going to undertake a colposcopy. Here the doctor is going to verify the cervix under magnification. In doing so it would be pretty much ease for the doctor to figure out what led to the result of the abnormal Pap smear. You can figure out an idea on how to proceed with the further course of treatment.

If the doctor is of the opinion that the abnormal Pap test did emerge from cancer cells, it is obvious that you would need to wait for the pregnancy to be over so that the further course of treatment begins. If the situation is very serious the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy to begin the next course of treatment as well. If it is found in the later stage of pregnancy the doctor might ask to induce the pregnancy earlier so that treatment can start off.

When abnormal cells are found in the cervix no considerable risk to the baby tends to arise in the first place. During delivery these cells are washed off.