February 29, 2024

Benefits of mobility aids

Benefits of mobility aids

Being able to walk around freely without support is a great blessing. We often don’t realize the value of this blessing because we take it for granted. Those who are unable to walk around know its value. For such people, mobility aids are a miracle. Mobility aids help these dependent people feel independent. They allow people with some walking handicap to walk about with independence.


1- Live at home

Mobility Aids helps those who cannot walk about to live at home. People who would otherwise have to be kept at special centers because they need help to move can live in their own houses thanks to mobility aids

2- Children in need

Some children can not move around by themselves due to some handicap or medical issues. Aids like a walker with seat, rollator, and wheelchairs help them gain independence and move about, even hang out with friends.

3- Self-esteem

Being able to move about raises the self-esteem of individuals who can not move about independently. This helps in their gaining self-confidence and getting more motivated to do things in their lives.

walker with seat

What are Rollators

Rollators are walkers that have wheels attached to them. Rollators have striking features like four large wheels and handlebars and a seat. Rollators are good for situations in which a patient needs to stop and rest. A Rollators is a walker with seat. Side attachments for rollators can also be purchased separately.

Types of Rollators

If you are considering the purchase of a Rollators, you can choose from the following types.
1- Height-adjustable Rollator

These rollators allow the adjustment of seat and handles and are ideal for people who are taller than average. Adjustable rollators can be used by multiple people too as both the seat and handles can be adjusted.

2- Non-height adjustable Rollators

These rollators are simple rollators with no adjustments available. You can buy these rollators for your size or the size of a loved one and not worry about adjustments.

Features of rollators

Handle Brakes

Since rollators have wheels on all its legs, they are also equipped with handle brakes. This is not the case with walked which do not have wheels or have wheels only on two legs.


A rollator weighs nearly 15 pounds. However, some lightweight models are also available.


Rollators are costlier than Walkers by about a range of $50. This can be more or less according to the brand and type of rollator you are using.

It is a good idea to keep all factors in consideration before investing in a rollator for they are longtime companions.