BodyBoss: The Ultimate HIIT

BodyBoss: The Ultimate HIIT

BodyBoss: The Ultimate HIIT

Most of us constantly struggle with the idea of losing weight. We keep moving on from one diet to another and from one fitness regime to another without much results showing on the scale.  The number of diet plans and exercise programs available has a very overwhelming effect, making us leave the whole idea of getting fit even before starting. We also expect the exercise plan to work wonders with our body in just a few weeks and show results.

BodyBoss is one such exercise plan which does just that. It includes workouts which burn fat rapidly, even after working out and show amazing results in just 2 weeks. It’s a fitness program that takes 12 weeks to transform your body. It contains 60 different exercises which are unique to the program. BodyBoss coupon is given to the users to get the whole program at a discounted rate. The discount can be claimed by clicking on the tab on the website and entering the coupon code on the order page to avail the discount.

The BodyBoss fitness method includes 4 different types of workout sessions. These are the following:

  • The HIIT Circuit 

The BodyBoss method is based on High-Intensity Interval Training popularly known as HIIT. The procedure includes frequent bursts of small and intense anaerobic exercises. It increases the heart rate and keeps it up. That burns more calories in less time. BodyBoss HIIT workout increases the human growth hormone levels which promote lean muscle gain, loss of fat tissue, increases calorie burn and slows down the ageing process. The HIIT circuit focuses on the legs and hips on one day, and the alternate day, it targets arms, the abdomen, and core. This helps in better toning, increasing calorie burn, and improving the fitness levels.

  • The Power Up Workout 

This conditions the body to intense workouts which is crucial for the success of the HIIT program. It includes a 6-minute circuit involving every muscle in the body which activates the afterburn effect and develops lean muscle. 


  • Cardio 

On certain days when HIIT is not done, the person can choose any of the cardio exercises like walking, jogging swimming, cycling, etc. This should be done at a steady pace.

  • Recovery 

The BodyBoss fitness method gives two days of rest and recovery time to the body. This encourages muscle building and blood flow. Recovery workouts are less intense than the cardio workouts and might include walking, yoga, light stretching, etc.

The whole BodyBoss program can be optimized by taking care of the diet. Zero nutrition foods like processed foods, alcohol, and refined sugar should be cut down. There is also a need to eliminate stress by adding new habits to relax like meditation or chatting with friends. Cutting down on sodas and increasing the water intake can also help in weight loss.

To make the BodyBoss workout more successful, one should set a routine and try to stick to it without making any excuses. One should also try to challenge oneself physically and mentally and should be motivated enough to complete the whole program.


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