June 13, 2024

The lens for the maximum subtle look


The Sclera contacts can be the best one which can be a very attractive commodity to make the eyes look gorgeous. They are the ones which can suit in the form of the large-diameter permeable gas contacts which are the ones who are specially designed.

How such contacts can be a beneficial one?

These are the special ones which can be used to prepare the vault which can spread over the entire surface of the cornea. They are the ones which can also cover the “white” portion. These are the ones which replace all the irregular shape of the cornea. The replacement is brought on the smooth surface of the optical portion. These are the special lenses which can focus on the correction of all the vision problems which are responsible for the keratoconus as well as some other corneal irregularities.

Why such lenses can be a great idea?

There is a space that lies between the cornea as well as the back surface which can be a medium in form of the fluid reservoir thus providing the comfort. This comfort is also stabilised with the use of the sclera contacts that can help protect the condition of the eye.

Scleral Contact and the types

Scleral contacts prove to be the new which are noticeably larger when compared to the standard GP contacts. They are the ones which come with the diameter which is almost equal or also sometimes greater when compared to the soft portion of the contact lenses. There are a number of the smallest sclerals which are about 14.5 mm with the diameter and the largest ones can range up to 24 mm. The mini sclera version can also be a great option that one can try out.

Factors to choose these contacts

The human cornea on an average has the diameter of  11.8 millimetres. the ones which are the smallest ones can come with the capability to cover up the entire lens surface. This is a better choice compared to the conventional GP which are about  9.0 to 9.5 mm with the ability of coveting about 75 to 80 per cent portion.

The corneo version scleral

These are the special type of the gas permeable versions at can help bridge the gap between the GP lenses as well as the mini-sclerals. The corneo-scleral are the orbs which can fall between the measurements of 13 to 15 mm diameter.

To whom are these lenses the best?

These lenses can be the best option you the ones who are with the requirement of the larger-than the normal GP and can also provide the immense comfort. These are the recommended ones with the LASIK as well as all the other refractive surgery helping with the correction of irregular astigmatism.

These are the ones which can also help correct keratoconus problems. They can help one to blink properly and be away from the discomfort. The larger diameter versions are the best ones.


The greatest lens that can be available with the hub lens village are the ones that can fit well with the eyes and are also the stable ones. these also do not cause problems like the traditional lenses.