June 13, 2024

What Should I Do with My Knocked-out Teeth?

As everyone knows, it is possible for all people to experience knocked-out teeth after a painful car accident or receiving excessive blows to their mouth during special types of sports. Although many believe there’s no hope of saving knocked-out teeth, professional emergency dentists will ensure you save them if you bring the injured teeth to your urgent appointment quickly. According to a professional dentist in Oakville, time is the most significant factor in saving your knocked-out tooth. Therefore, we all need to be familiar with all important points that should be immediately done right after the teeth are damaged to increase the opportunity of successful re-implant. This beneficial essay briefly explains the necessary points to deal with knocked-out teeth effectively.

Practical Steps to Cope with Avulsed Teeth

Believe it or not, following some simple instructions can play an essential role in preserving your knocked-out teeth. Since avulsed teeth can cause a lot of irritation and bleed, trying to be calm and relaxed is necessary to avoid negative reactions that can potentially worsen the conditions. Deep breathing and drinking water can effectively help you to be more relaxed.

You should try to re-insert the injured teeth in their correct place but there’s no reason to be worry if it isn’t possible for you. Rinse the affected teeth carefully without touching the sensitive parts, fill a short container with milk or water, and keep the teeth in it until reaching to the emergency dentists.

Another vital factor that should be strongly noticed is trying to reach to the nearest dental emergency clinics as soon as possible. Your chance to achieve If you wait several hours to see professional emergency dentists, you will lose the chance of successful re-implanting.

Practical Steps to Cope with Avulsed Teeth

Once you reach the dental emergency clinics, your highly-skilled emergency dentists, who are always ready to provide beneficial services even after routine hours, will rinse the affected site to ensure all debris is completely removed. Then they will use local anesthesia to numb the site and start the re-implanting procedure. In some severe cases, root canal therapy is required because your teeth are knocked out, and the blood vessels inside your teeth may be negatively affected too. Generally, the recovery time will take at least three or four weeks. During this time, you should regularly visit your professional dentists to ensure there are no dental infection symptoms that threaten the re-implant procedure’s success rate.

If your dentists’ efforts to preserve your avulsed teeth are fail, search for various cosmetic dentistry solutions to resolve your condition. The following items are the best available solutions that can help you to say goodbye to all negative consequences of tooth loss:

Dentures: For several years, dentures were the only option for a human being to resolve missing teeth. Nowadays, modern types of dentures are provided that function better than the old types, but still, you should remove them during the night and whenever you want to brush them properly.

Dental bridges: It is another traditional method to replace missing teeth, but the most important point that should be noted is that you need to have healthy adjacent teeth to support your bridges so those who don’t have any healthy, strong teeth in their mouth cannot use this restorative method to solve their issues.

Dental implant: It isn’t wrong if we call dental implant the most magical method to eliminate the negative effect of missing teeth.