June 13, 2024

Myths About Teeth Whitening That You Shouldn’t Believe

teeth whitening in North York

As cosmetic dentistry is becoming more known among people, teeth whitening is considered the most popular procedure. Discolored and stained teeth can completely ruin your smile, which results in a lack of confidence and other physical and mental issues. Having your teeth whitened and shiny makes you able to smile without being ashamed. The importance of this matter is even more significant when you know your smile is the first attractive feature to others. Different patients choose teeth whitening treatment for various purposes, which makes it amazingly helpful. According to a professional dentist performing teeth whitening in North York, some people benefit from teeth whitening treatment to remove their dental stains. Still, some are looking for a shinier and more sparkling smile!

Teeth whitening procedure is almost available in every dental clinic at a reasonable price, so you can still boost your smile with a teeth whitening procedure even if you don’t have much budget. Although all these advantages, there are some wrong ideas and myths about teeth whitening, which can be risky for your teeth health. It’s essential to know the difference between facts and myths so you can avoid them when it’s necessary.

Myth: Oil Pulling Is a Fantastic Way to Remove Dental Stains.

Washing your mouth with edible oils like coconut oil is a myth still used by people, especially seniors. There is no reliable scientific proof to show oil pulling is effective and will remove your dental stains to give you white teeth.

Myth: Acidic Fruits Are Helpful for Discolored Teeth.

Although this home remedy is widely used, absolutely no scientific evidence shows its accuracy. All professionals recommend not to use this treatment to whiten your teeth because of the probable damages caused by acidic fruits.

Myth: Teeth Whitening Is Damaging for Four Enamel.

Although the risk of damages to your teeth is high with home kits and unprofessional clinics, you can be sure about the safety of your teeth if you have your teeth whitening procedure by a professional and approved dentist. Dentists know how to whiten your teeth without any harm and danger, and also they use reliable materials which are entirely safe.

Myth: Teeth Whitening Is Possible Even If You Have Crowns, Fillings, and Veneers.

Unfortunately, nothing can be whitened in your mouth except your natural teeth. You can consult with your dentist about possible ways whether you have veneers, fillings, or crowns. Still, if you whiten your teeth without paying attention to those particular cases, you will have uneven coloring.

Myth: All of your discoloration and stains will be removed by teeth whitening.

In some cases, your teeth cannot be whitened by a simple teeth whitening treatment because of the problem’s intensity. Some factors, including age, stains level, and genetics, significantly affect the final result.

Having your teeth whitened and shiny can be a dream which is possible now thanks to teeth whitening technology, but don’t forget to gather enough information before making your final decision!