September 25, 2023

Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

The last thing that anyone expects after using medication is to develop an even more serious condition than what they initially had. But this is the situation that many people around the globe are facing today after using Zantac for heartburn, acid reflux, or any other throat, stomach, and gastrointestinal problem medication. As it turns out, this over-the-counter medicine contains Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a carcinogen that causes cancer in humans and animals alike.

Just a month ago, on 1st April of 2020, the FDA requested all companies to withdraw ranitidine products (a generic version of Zantac) from the market after it discovered that they have “unacceptable amounts of NDMA. But even so, many people have been infected, or have lost their loved ones due to resulting cancer.

If you are sick or have lost your loved one because of this medicine, you can file a Zantac lawsuit to claim that the drugs had unacceptable levels of NDMA that caused you or your loved one to develop cancer. Your injury lawyer will cite liver, stomach, and bladder cancer among the main injuries linked to NDMA contamination.

Understanding Zantac cancer lawsuit

Do you have a case?

Although the FDA confirmed that ranitidine has unacceptable amounts of NDMA, filing a successful claim is not as clear as it appears to be. Zantac, a ranitidine product, is produced by different companies. To win a lawsuit, you will need to prove that you weren’t taking generic Zantac alone. Again, you may have been using a blend of different kinds of Zantac over the years and never saved all your receipts. You’ll also need to confirm that you took Zantac regularly for three or more months.

Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

Lastly, you will need to show that because of the Zantac use, you sustained an injury, in this case, cancer. But as you know, cancers are different, and not all of them are linked to Zantac use. For instance, if you smoke heavily, it would be hard to associate your diagnoses to the drug. These are just some of the few things that could complicate your case.

How a lawyer can help

The good news is that you don’t have to muddle on your own – not when you can hire an experienced personal lawyer to help. Personal injury lawyers have adequate experience representing such cases. They understand the statute of limitations and can prove all the elements of the injury case. Additionally, your lawyer can help you break down everything into manageable parts. He or she will collect pharmacy and medical records to help build your case. The lawyer will also guide you throughout the process and ensure you get the best possible outcome.

In case you are new to the concept

Allegations have popped up that the manufacturer of Zantac knew that the medicine could cause cancer but failed to warn patients and doctors about the risk. Experienced lawyers are now helping victims from different parts of the world to get compensation for all the costs they have incurred as a result of the damages.