What is cholesterol?

What is cholesterol?

The cholesterol is a fatty plaque like substances produced by the liver in order to maintain insulate nerves, healthy cells and produce the hormones and even it also helps your body to digest the fat. Commonly there is both good and bad cholesterol which means that is very much important that each individual must understand about its affects on your health. One thing that you should know is the cholesterol is not measured depending on the weight of your body however if your weight is more than the normal level then you may be at the risk of high bad cholesterol. In order to control the cholesterol level you need to know the correct level of cholesterol for your body. What is cholesterol? If you have the high cholesterol then you would be at the greater risk of suffering from the heart disease, heart attacks and even from strokes. So it is very important to maintain the cholesterol level in your body so that you can be at lower risk. Obesity and smoking may result in the low level of the high density liproteins (HDL). IN order to increase this level and maintain the perfect HDL level one should strictly avoid smoking, tobacco and must maintain the healthy diet along with the practicing exercise on the regular basis.


Knowing what are the risk factors that affects heart disease

  • Everyone needs to know the risk factors for heart disease because it is very important for the human life. Several risk factors have to do with the foods that you eat and your diet. Other factors may be such things like your body cholesterol level and exercise.
  • Practicing a heart healthy life is very important thing to the longevity of your life as well as to others. In which you need to concentrate in your daily diet where this is the biggest factors affecting heart disease, heart attacks and obesity
  • If you avoid the processed foods, saturated fats and large amount of sugar content food and snack items then you are in your diet and away from the risk factor of getting affect by heart disease.

Apart from the above things it is also recommended to consult medical profession once a year for the routine check up on your total body health. At some time in point it is also better to take the personal advice from the cholesterol physician specialist. If you are having the high cholesterol then your physician will definitely review your height, weight, amount of daily exercise and what type of food typically you are eating. So it is best to avoid the unwanted healthy packed foods and oily food items for leading a healthy heart life and also educate yourself with regular exercise and decrease the probability of having the heart disease.


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