Tribulus Terrestris and its benefits

Tribulus Terrestris and its benefits

Tribulus Terrestris and its benefits

If you are aware of the herbal dietary supplements then you will be familiar with the term, Tribulus Terrestris, a herb which is found extensively in dry area and climate. They are in general are referred as puncture vein. They are commonly found in native America too.

They were once considered as weedy plants which is a huge culprit in spoiling the land with their veins and prickly fruits. But now with the ongoing research, their values have been announced worldwide. But there are countries such as India, China, and Japan which uses this plant as a medicine for centuries and centuries back.

In Siddha medicine:-

These herbs have a special place in the Siddha medicines and are known by a lot of names like thirikandam, nerunjil and so on. They are still used in the treatment of:-

  • Urinary tract infection.

In Ayurveda:-

Ayurveda, the mother of medicine and a complexity which most modern day physicians wonder about also uses these puncture vein. In Siddha, they are the urinary bladder’s protectors whereas in Ayurveda, this along with a mixture of other herbs used for the enhancement of reproductive tissues and organs strength and endurance wish.

In traditional Chinese medicine:-

Chinese are known for their traditions and customs. Thier way of treating a health problem is totally different from the others. These puncture veins are also a favorite herb among them. They are often found infused form in tea and their cuisines.

As a dietary supplement:-

Due to their diuretic property, they are now used in dietary supplements too. But there are also specific supplements which only have these puncture veins for better results. They are often branded as an herbal dietary supplement and sold to the athletes and bodybuilders.

For bodybuilders:-

As they are said to have considerable effect in improving the testosterone hormone, a hormone which is responsible for sexual strength and is also the hormone which helps in bulking the muscle. Since they are herbal dietary supplements, a lot of bodybuilders are curious to give it a shot.

Tribulus Terrestris is not the only one which is famous for the muscle building or hormone enhancing. There are a lot of other herbs which have the same property and benefit. This along with other herbs are made into the supplements to give perfect and better results with the consumers. To buy click here:-


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