Live a happier life by knowing about pre-diabetes

Live a happier life by knowing about pre-diabetes

Live a happier life by knowing about pre-diabetes

It is each and every citizen duty to know about the various common diseases in the globe so that it will be good remedy to save themselves and also their surroundings. The most harmful and painful disease is diabetes as in initial stages it does not seem to be so painful, whereas as time passes by you will exposed to so many painful effects like regular exposure to injections, and you will be in situation to take medications regularly till life time. The very serious condition is dialysis which is the end stage for diabetes people, and it is what that makes both the patients and family members in big tragedy and big heart feelings which can ever be retained. The kidney transplant is the only way to cure the diabetes if they are exposed to dialysis, whereas it is hard to do that as it costs high than usual procedures.

So to avoid all these life threatening effects, you can take some prevention remedies that can help you save from getting affected by any of the diseases especially by diabetes, whereas you could also know about the prediabetes symptoms and treatments. Some of the common physical activity that can be practiced by both the youngsters and elders are brisk walking that is what you should walk with a speed higher than normal walking speed and lower than jogging speed, cycling, skating and gardening and mowing as it requires some soft manual effort. You should allocate the time in your daily activities for doing these moderate activities such that a total one hundred and fifty minutes must spent in a week.

Find your risk of pre-diabetes

If you do not have the activity of exercising, you will be having the probability of exposed to the pre-diabetes condition i.e. sugar level greater than normal but lower than diabetes level. Some other conditions to identify the risk are lower cholesterol level under 35 mg/dL, higher triglyceride level greater than 250 mg/dL, and blood pressure level greater than 140/90. You must also know about the diabetes history of the family members in your previous generations like you father, mother, grandfather and grandmother etc. If you are woman you should also be careful in your maternity period so that you are not exposed to gestational diabetes, but it is common that most of the 80% of women are affected by gestational diabetes but if it is under control there will be no issues with it for both the woman and the child. So learn about all these conditions, check yourselves periodically for all the above mentioned conditions, and visit your health care professional at times to make sure about your health to lead a happier life.


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