Gardening Experts

Here’s some information i stole from Wikipedia all about the subject of gardening because I wanted to find out what expert gardeners do…

So what do they do?

Gardening is the growing of crops such as blooms, shrubs and trees and shrubs as a spare time activity or entertainment. Some individuals also grow vegetables or fruit in their gardens. People do gardening outdoors in the soil in their backyard, or in pots or containers on the balcony or on the patio. Some individuals do gardening on the roof. Dave’s Home Services Facebook Page

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People do indoor horticulture of their house or in the building. Sometimes indoor horticulture is performed in greenhouses, which can be special properties where crops are grown. A greenhouse has a clear a glass or clear plastic surfaces and roof top that let natural light in. Water gardening keeps growing plants in ornamental pools and ponds. People doing water gardening plant water lilies and other aquatic plants. and mowing experts

Gardening can be carried out outside of the house, in city parks, botanical backyards, zoos, carnivals, theme parks, and around places of interest. These kinds of landscapes are looked after by people called groundskeepers or gardeners.