What is fitness and how a personal trainer helps you get fit

What is fitness and how a personal trainer helps you get fit

What is fitness and how a personal trainer helps you get fit

Fitness is the result of creating a balance between people’s weight and height. Many people who are overweight may use the word “thin” instead of “fit”. Scientifically and professionally, being overweight or obese and underweight or thin both need to be corrected. And what is desired by people is to achieve fitness. You can consult a professional personal trainer by visiting this page.

Fitness formula results from the balance between people’s height and weight, and many methods have been proposed to calculate this number. We should say that in determining people’s ideal weight, various factors are involved. The most important of which are height, age, and gender. In the following, we will refer to one of the most famous formulas for calculating fitness. You can use the method we will mention to calculate your fitness level and evaluate your ideal weight.

First, the height number is obtained based on the meter. Then increase the height number based on the meter to the power of two. Multiplying the number obtained by a fixed amount of 18.5 represents the minimum ideal weight for you. The result of multiplying the number obtained by a fixed number of 25 represents the maximum perfect weight for you.

Ways to achieve fitness

In the end, what causes fitness is to strike a balance between the number of consumed calories and the amount of used energy. In achieving fitness methods, nutritionists control the number of calories consumed, and personal bodybuilding trainers manage the energy used. Ultimately they plan to reduce or increase the desired weight. The best way to achieve fitness is to use both methods by referring to nutrition experts and specialists to assess and measure the number of calories that your body needs and the amount of energy used under the personal bodybuilding trainer supervision.

Consequences of not being fit 

As we have already explained, not being fit means both being underweight and overweight, but most people think only obesity needs to be treated. Therefore, many people who refer to nutritionists or private personal trainers have decided to lose weight. Some conditions that people suffer from due to obesity include diabetes (high blood sugar), high blood pressure, fat, various cardiovascular disorders, multiple diseases, joint problems, etc.

How can a personal trainer help you?

A personal trainer and a nutritionist can help overweight people in losing weight to achieve the ideal body shape. Personal trainers have enough information about topics such as body anatomy, fat-burning methods, types of aerobic exercise, the number of calories that the body needs, massage techniques, etc. They guide people with a proper, principled, and scientific plan to achieve your ideal weight. Many people try to lose weight through arbitrary actions or following the wrong diets and unprincipled exercise programs, which will not make the desired goal in the vast majority of cases, and with new problems will encounter. So, the personal trainer helps people reach their ideal weight without any unpleasant and undesirable side effects. As a result, the best way to lose weight and achieve the perfect fitness is referring to nutritionists and performing appropriate exercises under the supervision of a personal trainer.


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