September 25, 2023

Major Weight Loss: How to Do it Healthily

Although we’re always bombarded with images of models and what the world sees as beautiful, it’s always better to love yourself regardless of your size. However, there are millions of people who believe they can gain more self-confidence if they reach a certain number – and this is entirely okay. The only thing you have to remember is that you try to reach a healthy number and you do it the healthy way.

Speaking of healthy, the weight loss community is filled with fads and diet regimens. But what is the best and healthiest way of losing dozens of pounds?

Healthier Choices

It all comes down to choosing healthier options. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a certain diet plan, but if that’s what you’re most comfortable with and you have consulted a nutritionist or dietician about it, then it’s definitely okay.

However, what we mean by healthier options is cutting down your processed food intake.

But be reminded, not all processed foods are unhealthy as food processing also includes freezing, drying, and baking. That means bread is also under this category. That’s why we just say cut down instead of entirely taking it all away from your diet.

Eliminate junk foods, canned goods, instant foods, and anything that contains too much sugar such as soda.

Instead of soda, you can try the following:

Drink more water

If anything, drinking more water is the most simple and yet effective form of weight loss. While this alone doesn’t guarantee major weight loss, it does help in boosting your metabolism – something that can extremely help you in shedding those stored unwanted fats.

Drinking more water especially before meals shows that you take in fewer calories. This then helps in losing 44% more weight as compared to those who doesn’t.

Enjoy your coffee black

Love Starbucks? You might want to cut down on those especially frappuccino – which technically isn’t caffeine but sugar. If you can’t live without coffee, however, it’s best that you try to enjoy it black.

Coffee contains antioxidants which can help flush out toxins in the body. It also has a number of other health benefits which includes helping in weight loss. According to studies, caffeine in coffee can boost your metabolism by up to 11% and also increases fat burning by 10-29%.

Drink green tea

Green tea is also loaded with antioxidants known as catechins which are believed to work with the caffeine in green to lose weight as it helps increase fat burning. Several studies showed green tea, whether in beverage form or as a supplement, helps you lose those extra pounds.

How to Eat

Diet is synonymous with losing weight. But that’s if you choose the right diet regimen instead of not eating anything and calling it a diet.

Note to remember: you can still fill full with every meal and still lose weight. It’s basically all a matter of counting your calories or cutting down on carbs.

Here are some of the best diet plans that have shown significant effects when it comes to weight loss:

Intermittent Fasting

There have been short-term studies that have shown intermittent fasting was able to help people when it comes to losing weight as it restricts calorie intake. Basically, this type of diet is when people cycle between different periods of eating and then fasting.

Cut Down on Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are food that includes both sugar and grain but have been stripped off their nutritious and fibrous parts. These include both white bread and pasta.

According to some studies, intake of refined carbs leads to spiking of blood sugar which then results in craving and hunger. This means your intake of food is increasing. In fact, eating carbs has been known to lead to obesity.

Count your Calories

Eat less than you usually do or at least count your daily calorie intake. You can keep a food diary where you put the food you have eaten for the day and their corresponding calorie. There are also various applications on your phone that can help you with that.

Basically, anything that could help you be more aware of your calorie intake could be beneficial.

Using Supplements

There are various supplements you can use that can help you in your weight loss journey. A few of these is the Saizen HGH which is a recombinant growth hormone, probiotic supplements, green tea extract, and glucomannan which is a fiber.

However, remember that these types of supplements are best partnered with the right diet as well as exercising.


Achieving your desired weight can make you healthier and not just in terms of your physique but also emotionally and mentally. It helps you feel more confident about yourself, and when you achieve what you want, you’re instantly happier and more stress-free. The most important thing to remember when losing weight, especially when you’re trying to lose weight majorly is to find the healthiest option possible.